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Custom-Built for Healthcare
Manage end-to-end healthcare hiring process at one place.
Workforce Management
Cut costs, save time, and improve hiring quality with a total workforce management system. Build to manage temporary, and contract labor exclusive for the healthcare industry.
Nurse workforce
Quickly and easily source and onboard nurses. Speed up compliance, onboarding, and payment process to reduce time to fill. Increase shift pickups and lower staffing costs with the industry's only healthcare specific VMS solution.
Designed for Healthcare
A healthcare-specific VMS software with a clean UI that can address the unique requirements and challenges of healthcare hiring to maximize efficiency, stay compliant, and maintain workforce quality.
Automation for Improved Efficiency
Automate repeated tasks to improve efficiency, save time, reduce cost and boost overall productivity.
Automated Profile Matching and Screening
Match the right candidates with the right job with automated profile matching. Use AI match score along with the right set of advanced filters to sort, screen, and ensure that the best talent matches your hiring requirements.
Automated Credential Tracking
Automate tracking of pending and expired compliance documents along with timely reminders to ensure candidate credentials are up to date.
Automated Alert & Notification
Send automated alerts and reminders on important tasks such as pending approvals, timesheet submissions and credentialing deadlines to efficiently manage the hiring process.
Configurable and Automated Workflows
Build custom workflows that matches your hiring process and requirements. Don't have an interview process in your workflow? No worries, use what is required and drop what's not, to create a hassle-free hiring process.
Simplified Request and Talent Management
Easily manage and track incoming requests, interview schedules, job offers, credentialling and much more, all at one place.
Staffing Request Management
Staffing Request Management
Intelligently manage request creation via templates. Simplify candidate submission process with AI talent matching and manage entire staffing process from job request till assignment completion, all at one place.
Talent & Submission Management
Talent & Submission Management
Easily manage all the talent at one place by importing candidates to the VMS and quickly submit candidates to a staffing request using AI match score.
Offer Management
Offer Management
Quickly roll out offers and efficiently manage contract extension along with approvals, revised offer, extension dates and revised bill rates.
Smart Credential Management
Smart Credential Management
Easily create compliance checklist, send timely reminders and securely upload, approve or reject credential documents using our robust credential management system. Ensure faster time-to-fill, without sacrificing on the quality of talent.
Interview Scheduler
Interview Scheduler
Schedule interviews as per the availability and convenience of the interviewer and candidate. Easily manage, reschedule or cancel interviews ensuring seamless interview process.
Comprehensive Engagement Tracking
Comprehensive Engagement Tracking
Track all the engagements at one place and control contract extensions or terminations seamlessly with our comprehensive employee engagement management system.
Make Smarter Business Decisions with In-Depth Analytics and AI
Measure performance with visual reports and enhance your productivity with AI-powered predictions.
Comprehensive Dashboard
Track all important data and activities relevant to a user in a single view. Use real-time insights to get greater visibility into vendor performance and compliance, identify problems at a glance and take data driven decisions.
Reports & Insights
Use visual reports and real-time insights, coupled with right set of data to cater VMS stakeholders to make critical decision regarding the hiring programs and candidate submissions.
Spend Analysis
Get better visibility and control over costs, quality, and fill rates, while eliminating data silos and inefficient manual processes.
Automated Billing and Invoicing
Stay on top of billing and invoicing with automation.
Easy Client Setup
Comprehensive and customizable bill rate setup guided by state specific healthcare data that can be customized as per the needs to automatically assign bill rates, compliance checklists and tiered request orders to specific suppliers.
360 degree Timesheet Management
View, track, approve, reject, submit, and resubmit the timesheets on the platform using comprehensive timesheet management system. Easily customize Mobile timecard entry, online time approval and invoicing as per client's requirements.
Digital invoicing
Generate the most accurate invoices across stakeholders using automated digital invoicing. Review and manage invoice approvals or disputes with intuitive UX and deliver enhanced cost management through consolidated spending.
Real-Time Communication with Stakeholders
Communicate better with easy to manage conversations and intuitive UI.
Timely Alerts
Get automated timely alerts and reminders for crucial tasks like pending approvals, timesheet submissions, and credentialing deadlines—making your hiring processes a breeze!
In-app Chat
Communicate in real-time and get rid of the hassle of waiting for responses or filtering through emails. Use conversations tabs to individually manage each conversation, group chats to chat with clients or suppliers and broadcast messages to send message to multiple suppliers.
Enhanced Security
Enterprise-grade security with features and regulatory compliance to ensure secure access and data protection.
Secure Session management using OAuth
We ensure 360-degree account security with secure access using authorized tokens and active session management with time-to-time security alerts.
Modern secure cloud-based services
Our VMS is equipped with secure cloud-based services, third party integrations and provision to sign-up via company credentials that makes our platform audit-ready.
Protecting your privacy at every step
We understand the importance of your data and go the extra mile to safeguard it. From robust encryption to transparent data practices, we build trust through every interaction.
Scalable Tech and Better Support
Support your customers and help them grow with our scalable tech.
Scalable Technology
Our technology grows with your evolving needs, providing a foundation that can adapt to the dynamic landscape of healthcare. Be it a small staffing agency or an Enterprise grade chain of Hospitals - our VMS can scale with your program.
Dedicated Customer Support
Our commitment goes beyond technology – it's about ensuring you have the assistance for a smooth and supported journey. We provide 24*7 dedicated email customer support to help users with any questions or issues.
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